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Frequently asked questions...


Virtual Shows are now being offered! Contact us for more information.

Q - What are your qualifications?

A - I am a certified Master Herpetologist. I have taken an extensive university level course that provided me with an education to provide the proper knowledge and facts when delivering my shows.

Q - Are your animals dangerous or poisonous?


A - All of our animals are well socialized and not dangerous or poisonous in any way. Your safety is our main priority. 


Q - Are your animals well cared for?


A - We take pride in proper husbandry and care of our animals. We ensure that all of the required needs are met and more for each of our animals. We care for our animals dearly. Our animals are members of our family. Their health and care is very important. We mentor others in husbandry and care of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We are non bias on methods of care as long as the requirements for each species are met. 


Q - Which curriculum do your school educational experiences pair with?


A - Our shows are science and life systems curriculum based. We customize our shows to the appropriate age and grade level. We work with the teachers to ensure proper information is provided to their students. 


Q - Are you insured?


A - Absolutely! We are legally required to be insured for your and our safety. 


Q - How do I prepare for an in person show?


A - We require open floor space of around 8 feet x 8 feet. We request that all household pets are secured away for the safety of our critters. We request smiles and open minds for our shows :) 


Q - What methods of payment do you take?


A - We accept cash, cheque and E-mail money transfer (EMT). We currently do not accept credit card. 

Q - Do you have a store front the public can just come to at any time?

A - No. If you are wanting to visit the reptiles at our location you need to book a Private Zoo Tour.

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