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"Exotically Educating"
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of the 2021 Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce Awards of Excellence

"New Business of the Year"

Browning Reptiles offers a WIDE variety of exotic creatures we bring to you in person or virtually! 

Choose Browning Reptiles and we will make your special occasion an EXOTICALLY EDUCATING experience you'll never forget. We bring our Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates and more to you, or you can visit our private collection at "The Reptile Bar". Private Shows you choose the experience and customize your list from our personal collection. Private Zoo Tours are a behind the scene hands on show of how these amazing animals live the rich and famous life in captivity. A Virtual Learning Show is also an excellent option for everyone. You'll get to interact with while learning about these amazing and unusual critters up close and personal. We will leave you with a new love of the strange and highly misunderstood animals from around the world. 


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